Erre dress nominated for Most beautiful Object in South Africa 2015

Every year, Design Indaba asks critics to nominate the 12 most beautiful objects in South Africa ranging across all fields of design.

This is what the Design Indaba has to say about Erre's nomination:

"This dress was the final look of the ERRE Spring/Summer 2014 show at South African Fashion Week. Inspired by the offcuts from the brand’s leather jackets, the dress combines technology with hand-crafted techniques. The back features laser-cut leather and the rest of the dress is made up hundreds of leather circles in various sizes hand-stitched into a floral-like motif.

Nominated by Lucilla Booyzen, director of South African Fashion Week: “The workmanship on this unique hand-sewn luxury garment is excellent. Created using a unique combination of modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, it is a fresh approach to a chic new princess dress that can be worn anytime to anywhere. You can wear it with jeans, elegant pants, with a swimsuit underneath or with high heels as a ball gown.” (Photo: Bevan Davis)"

Photo: Bevan Davis, Model: Jessica Mahlekisi, Headpiece: Cloche