ERRE Online Re-defining the retail space

Our Second Birthday

It’s our second birthday! Like any precocious two-year old, we are taking our first steps into the grown up world of online retail. ERRE Online has gone live! With fabulous 25% discount offers on selected stock until midnight.

The ERRE journey to date has been an adventure with opportunities and challenges on both the design and retail fronts. Fortunately, we have had allies like Annette Pringle-Kölsch, the The Fashion Agent and SA Fashion Week, by our side from the beginning.

Our initial launch into the retail world was reasonably effortless. Some of our staples were picked up by a variety of selected stores and boutiques in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Cape Town. However, until today, with the launch of ERRE Online, ERRE women haven’t had access to a comprehensive range of garments and many potential ERREistas simply had no access. All of that has changed now that we can offer them the latest ERRE clothing, in one place, at any time, wherever they are. Whether it is our body-flattering ERRE Curve collection for fuller sizes or our custom leather jackets.

Photo Credit: Anne-Lise van Niekerk Model: Dalitha Rosslee

Photo Credit: Anne-Lise van Niekerk Model: Dalitha Rosslee

The Online [Retail] Space

ERRE is for interesting women leading busy lives. They can’t always find the time for malls. For the ERRE woman it is both a luxury, as well as a necessity, to be able to shop online. She needs the luxury of viewing the items in the comfort of her own home, however she also is not able to carve out regular shopping hours into her schedule.

Online also gives our customers access to the most comprehensive range of ERRE merchandise whether it is from the body flattering collection, the wardrobe staples or the capsule collections as well as the iconic laser cut leather jackets, pure wool winter coats.

 Also available will be ERRE’s limited edition runway pieces as well as its distinctive range of accessories such as leather belts.

The Online Ease

The online store gives our customers the chance to view our clothing as if it were a showroom, to see all that ERRE has to offer, besides the runway looks. In line with this, ERRE Online has been conceptualized to ensure stress-free shopping at every point.  A clear size chart allows the user to establish their correct ERRE sizing, particularly for custom-made items like the leather jackets which have to be custom-tailored, whilst easy payment options, free deliveries and a returns policy, makes the process as pleasurable as paging through your favorite fashion magazine.

ERRE Fast-Forward

In the past two years, as we have gone from strength to strength: showing at South African Fashion Week, our nomination for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa, and seeing our clothing worn by women we admire.

As we have grown, our vision for our business has grown. More and more we believe in South Africa’s ability to retail in the overseas. In the next two years, we would like to see a space where ERRE is accessible, and in demand, to our overseas ERRE women. We have exciting plans which include expanding into the American, as well as the European, market. Hopefully, ERRE will soon be available in exclusive boutiques in Germany and Italy.

Since our launch two years ago, we have gained amazing exposure overseas through events such as Design Indaba, which gave us the fantastic opportunity to talk directly with foreign customers. Our online store is just another link, to put us in touch with our customers, wherever they may be.

Over the last two years, our constant challenge in design is learning how to stick to what you believe while still listening to the consumers’ needs. Sometimes it can be challenging to find creative solutions to combining these core fundamentals, but that is what makes the design process so exciting.